Fie Fo Bottle Some

Fie Fo Bottle Some , By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Self proclaimed matriarch of
The cotton covering capsules
Eight varying pharmaceuticals
You boast of it being a practice
Constantly taking that trip

“Innocuous” you call this job
My observance far past your death
Perplexes me tremendously
For it was in a closed garage, you took your last breath

I had my own sport too
My own pickleball court
Swimming in peanut butter whisky
A bottle a day won’t keep the doctor way

Black and white wool bearer
Adorned the bottle I adored
A gentle fist bump tap into a shot glass
My kitchen island my alter, my daily ritual

They rapidly bred, like the industrial boom
Bottles rose like skyscrapers, in a city skyline
The occupant of each consumed in quick time
Angel falls down my throat, thimbles full

Would I call it “kindred”, our commonality
In that we were both addicts, a club of escapism
Our respective substances, quite different
The chemicals accosted us, holding us hostage

Where is this Englishman’s blood?
Jack was not Daniels, but nimble as jiffy
King Lear made you a queen
Pink and orange, white and green

Fie fo bottle some, I was also numb
A shark in the ocean when it smells chum
The pleasure center of my brain
Said drink more or I’ll cause you pain.

Another ode poem, this time to Anne Sexton’s poem “The Addict”.

(DISCLAIMER) The following link I have no association with or employment at, nor am I receiving any compensation for posting the link. I am simply posting the link as an educational source so those reading my poem can get a context as to the inspiration for it. <—— By Anne Sexton.

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