Visceral, By Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

The caverns intestines, our perceptions
Ancient conceptions, our protections
In anticipation, of Armageddon
Deity clashes in our blood’s bedding

No mitigation of any nation
Conflict exponential from agitation
Confident are all of their false perception
Martyrs lead to earth’s destruction

Their infant’s answers in old correlations
When they could not see the sun’s relations
They filled the gaps with morbid phantasms
Writhing in ignorant day’s orgasms

Stones and rocks , their early rhythms
Mushroom cloud, they will end in
Pride of all, falsehood’s call
Earth on fire, humanity’s fall

Stewing , brewing, craving
Caving into primal urges
Justified pangs wanting purges
Kill the others, they are scourges

What shackles thus bind us
In lore before what has lead us
To persistent gore, I want no more
In peaked logic, their minds frolic

The ravages of the baby’s colic
The narcissists weapons are all tragic
Eve to blame, ate an apple of magic
Scapegoat females, it’s a shame

What of this monster, they all hail
Prostrate in prayer, to no avail
Never will ever, find the holy grail
The voided check is in the mail

Cyclone of fire, is their desire
It is late, down to the wire
Aspirations of world domination
Bias of that selfish conformation

They seek non existent adulation
Fraudulent persistent consolation
Infantile pre mature ejaculation
Nothing more than mental masturbation

What is their evidence, they’ve got nothing
High altitude air , they pull out something
Wanting, yet getting an empty bounty
Cancerous attributes , I will rebuke

What people call a “gut feeling” is really the false perception of faith.

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