Why We Don’t Stand

Why We Don’t Stand, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

The field of stars
On the bottom
Is a symbol of distress

That of forced patriotism
The Nazis did their best
You could be beat

Knocked off your feet
You could be fined
Pulled off of the street

And jailed and tortured
For not saluting the swastika
For not saluting the Fuhrer

With that in mind
Lets talk a little further
Why should I take fervor

When other have to hide
Coddle the bigots pride
Expect them to live in silence

Vilify them, scapegoat them
Marginalize them, out of what?
Some sense of archaic theism?

A lack of understanding
That they are not taking from you
Merely by asking to treated like a human too

And who are you, to talk for
A deity that you cant prove
This isn’t about protecting society for you

This is about protecting your power
Your fear of change, your ignorance
Your insecurities

You want to know why
Why we don’t stand
Because you only stand

For yourself, your selfishness
You’re proud of bullying others
Telling them they are less than

And that somehow
Somehow you are the victim
Because others exist

You want to know why
Why we don’t stand
Because females lost their rights

Because you equate
Innocent migrants
To an armed military invasion

Because you refuse
To understand
That black lives don’t matter more

But matter as well
Yet you condemn the innocent
To your fictional hell

You want to know why
Why we don’t stand
Because you demand

That transgender
Hide who they are
And make up lies

About what they are
And you fail to recognize
Our long history

Of marginalizing minorities
Blacks, Native Americans
But also the Irish of Hell’s Kitchen

The Chinese that built
Our railway system
That connected east coast

To west coast
Yet your still insisting
You’re being persecuted

Because you don’t want to share

I’ll stand when we get back
To the words in that pledge
Mean something to you

Beyond how you can manipulate
Them in bias hate filled fashion
I’ll stand when it truly means

“With liberty and justice for all.”

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