Not a poem but a fuck you to

Fuck you to anyone who falsely wants to accuse me of being a Communist or loving Marx or Stalin or Hitler or Castro or Po Pot or Mao. FUCK YOU.

Being a liberal to me, means valuing diversity. Not bullying others. Valuing livable wages, unions, affordable health care, keeping social security and Medicare solvent. It means ending corporate monopolies and taxing billionaires more. NOT THE MIDDLE OR WORKING CLASS, just billionaires. It does not mean ending the private sector. It means giving workers a voice in government, not more power, just an equal check on power.

It means that females are entitled to control their own bodies. We are not the Taliban and we should not be forcing females to give birth.

It means valuing our military, not valuing a political party oath to be in the military. It means taking care of our veterans when they get home. It means standing up for our allies. It means standing up to bullies like COMMUNIST TRAINED KGB SPY PUTIN and DICTATOR KIM JONG UN.

I am not going to tolerate anyone falsely accusing me of loving dictators. FUCK YOU.

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