Pizza Delivery

Pizza Delivery, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Please tell me why?
You want your pie
Even if it means I die?

Look out your window
Look up at that sky
See all that sleet and snow
It’s not safe for me to drive

Oh you want me
To ignore the thunderstorm
And and the hurricane
You want me to do the insane

I saw you at Walmart
In the news clips
Emptying the shelves
Not leaving one bit

You have canned foods
I know you do
You have chips and beer
The ice cooler too

I can’t imagine
Working in Hawaii
Near Kilauea
That pizza won’t save you

“Where is my pizza
I ordered it
A nanosecond ago
Get it to me, before the lava flow”.

Want to hear what they say
After you hang up the phone?
“Fuck you asshole
I’m not delivering to your home.”

Point being, don’t be fucking dicks to delivery workers. Even without weather events, sometimes in high volume these places can be short staffed, through no fault of the driver, but management, especially franchise and corporate shouting at the store manager to save every dime.

I once had a guy yell at me because his pizza was late. I tried to tell him on my prior delivery that I thought someone’s house was on fire and I wanted to wait until the fire department got there. Seriously, we have become a nation of self intitled selfish fucks. What is wrong with learning patience?

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