Depressingly Unsurprising

Depressingly Unsurprising, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37)

Billy Joel was wrong
We did start the fire
Once we were cognitive
Once we were aware

This planet cannot bear
We have no excuse
Estranged, obtuse
Unwilling to call a truce

Headed towards a cliff
A victim of our success
Invasive species pest
We haven’t done our best

To care for our only home
No planet B to go
Oil companies grow
Cataclysm we will sew

Hornets on the road
Dodging the facts
CO2 reacts
Atmosphere heat it traps

Poverty globally
Billionaires cannot see
Common humanity
Profits to decree

Prophets the holy claim
They are all the same
It’s a con game
All others they will blame

And this tiny rock
Falling around the sun
5 billion years from now
It will all be done

I see the wasted good
The compassion within
Our potential empathy
We withhold true charity

It isn’t about money
Or sucking on a teat
Our corners we retreat
We never admit defeat

Invincible we are not
Fragile is our lot
Lets extend the ride
We are all we’ve got.

Sometimes national news and world news gets me depressed. I know my species has so much good and potential in us. But somehow the bullies and authoritarians and greed seem to take the stage and headline more often than not. I still see good in humanity, for the other option is insanity. I have no choice if I want to stay mentally healthy. But it is difficult sometimes.

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