Omni Deadbeat

Omni Deadbeat, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

I saw video
Of a child’s brains
Splattered on the sidewalk

I don’t want to hear talk
Of this cosmic security guard
Who is allegedly always
On guard

Yet this happens
Day after day
Wasn’t that nice of Jesus
To give your mother cancer

Is “mysterious ways”
Really an honest answer?
When the plane crashes
And all aboard are dashes

When a serial killer slashes
The throats of many
And how handy is he
Up there looking down

With folded arms
Watching us squirm
Like we are germs
In a Petrie dish

They grovel
For his affection
Always trying, guessing
How to avoid his wrath

Amidst the bloodbath
That he selectively watches
And does what he wishes
While wars and violent clashes

The pyre of flesh in masses
I cannot see the logic in this
How anyone of compassion
Could argue and insist

This peek a boo deity
That never seems to be
Clear to everybody
But one of convenience

One who just happens to
Love the same people
You do, hate the same people
You do

Yet the death never stops
It is with us every day
I cannot buy an all loving God
With the observations I make

No, it isn’t a real being
That I am railing against
It is the horrible horrible logic
Of this omni deadbeat guessed

A gap answer
Plopped in out of pain
Plopped in out of fear
Not wanting the end near.

I say these horrible events
Are not solved by superstition
Or fictional beings, but by study
Education, and compassion

In reducing suffering
No bible need to do this
Has always been in us.

I get so tired of people claiming an all loving being exists, especially after seeing what I saw online with the shooting in Texas where a kid’s brains were splattered on the ground. But not just that, even things like cancer, or natural disasters, bacteria, lots of deadly things we try to avoid on a daily basis.

I am not angry at a fictional being anymore than one is angry at Darth Vader. It is the logic that does not make sense to me and no “mysterious ways” is a cop out excuse and a dodge. If we as a species are to solve our ills it will be us, not a fictional being, that will do it.

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