Tragedy Of Inaction

Tragedy Of Inaction, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Number one
Is suicide
Wayne doesn’t care
They like to lie

Second en masse
Domestic violence
Wants our silence

Number 1
Under 18
Beating cancer
It’s insane

200 mass shootings
This year so far
Crimson streets
Like it’s a war

The talk of the brave
And the lives they save
Does not change
The dead that remained

There is no prevention
In reactionary measures
The bloody patchwork
Spaghetti strainers

Good guy, good guy
Myth and a lie
Sell more, sell more
We all die

I am so fucking sick of these officers getting on camera talking about the “swift action” and “quick response”. HOW THE FUCK does that change the fact 9 people still died? 9 people in 1 event. That is not including the other 90 people across the nation that have died in the past 24 hours from other types of firearm use.

“Swift action” and “quick response” are REACTIONARY measures, not PREVENTION. Prevention would be for the factories and shops and sellers to actually give a shit where their products end up before they leave their hands.

Another mass shooting in Texas today 9 dead. Because the firearm makers love their blood money and put their profits over public safety. Because the GOP would rather protect their donors than protect the public. Because the fetish worshipers would rather protect an object, than human life.


400million firearms in the public’s hands is not making us safer.

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