The Diagnosis

The Diagnosis, by Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

What is the prognosis
The outlook, the surmise
The layout, the tries
What underlies

Words wonder, ponder
Will they rise, rise
Of the page, with cries
Of pleasure, joy, rejection

Introspection, just now
In terms of meaning
What is it gleaning
What are you seeing

Anticipation, emancipation
Adulation, speculation
Breathing, breathing
Desperately breathing

Into this body something
Pupils fixed, not moving
Pulse elusive, inconclusive
Life intrusive

Flatlined this notion
My voice no motion
Where is the potion
The combination

To make you read?

This poem was inspired by Sylvia Plath’s Stillborn. Another poem about writers block and the fear of not coming up with something new.


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