“Return to Gilligan’s Island”?

“Return To Gilligan’s Island”?, By Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

A month ago
Wouldn’t you know
Kelly got ringworm
And the dish to go

It wasn’t just
A three or four hour tour
The cone of shame
To her a chore

Stuck in that island
It frustrated her so
Scratching at it
The dish wouldn’t go

The days went by
She seemed resigned
“I guess I’ll have to wear it”
Till the end of time

Ringworm defeated
Finally, she shed the satellite
No clumsy Victrola
To be such a blight

No more worry
Or so she thought
“I finally have gotten
This damned thing off”

Two days ago
She got her spay
“Return to Gilligan’s Island”?

A little over a month ago she got ringworm and licked a bald spot on her back. The vet gave Kelly antibiotics and a cone of shame. It took a while for her to get rid of it. The fur grew back and I took the cone off. But she only had the cone off for about a week and a half before her spay. Now she has the cone on again for another 10 days.

I will say this, she has been cheerful in both cases, just slightly irritated.

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