Missing, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

No food, no water
After midnight prior
Kelly’s spay
Was upon the hour

This morning was off
Anneplath could tell
Kelly still in the crate
As Anneplath ate

But all he did
Was to sniff the food
Kelly not eating
To him not good

“Where is my sister?”
He must have been thinking
She wasn’t eating
She wasn’t drinking

Their morning ritual
At dawn’s breaking
Was disrupted
Brian’s mistaken

Pacing around
Looking confused
Where was his sister?
What could he do?

Anneplath was so sweet this morning. I went to feed him but kept his sister Kelly in the crate because she had an appointment to be spayed. Anneplath initially nibbled, but looked around and saw Kelly wasn’t eating too, so he paced around looking confused. I tried to coax him back to his bowl, but he simply wouldn’t go back to it.

But now that I have dropped Kelly off at the vet, and back home now. Anneplath has been more affectionate than usual.

3 responses to “Missing”

  1. Hi, Brian. How did Kelly get on at the vet? Did she have to stay in after her spay, or was she allowed to come home the same day? I hope she’s okay. I expect she won’t like her cone of shame and not being able to scratch the shaved area from the operation. I’m sure Anneplath will start to eat properly again when Kelly comes home, or is she home already? 🐈

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