The Last Angel

The Last Angel, By Brian37 (By Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

You were on probation
Julie swept the nation
It was the last season

You spent some time
Dispatching taxis,
Scuba diving with Sonny

Street smart smile
Stunt woman honey
Dating on the line

You caught the killer
On time, chorus
Dances so fine

Then you went on to
The disco decade show
Pinciotti’s mom we know

It maybe blasphemy
To say, Kelly
Was my second place

Farrah had her day
But you Tanya
You’ll always be my fav.

Tanya Roberts played Julie in the very last season of Charlies Angels. Kelly is my favorite for different reasons, so it is almost a tie. But Julie was my favorite for her streetwise tough exterior. Tanya went on to play Midge Pinciotti in That 70s Show.

Some of the lines are references to episode plots in that last season. For fans of Cher, you may not or may know that Sonny actually guest stared in one of the episodes of the last season.

I am writing this now because I didn’t know, or forgot, that Tanya died in 2021. I was watching a dvd episode of that last season, and while doing so looked up her Twitter page and read that she had died. It made me cry.

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