Smashing The X Box

Smashing The X Box, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

There is this childish
Insecure narcissistic brat
I know, who lives in the sky
As to which people grovel and bow

He set up this game
His first two players of fame
Adam and Eve he blamed
So he let them die in pain

Then he hit reset
Played with the Hebrews a bit
Got frustrated with them too
Noah built a boat to get through

But that reset didn’t work
Decided briefly to stop being a jerk
Thought Jesus would do the trick
So he killed himself on a stick

But humans are still fucking up
And God has had enough
Cant get his players to submit
So the bully smashes the X Box and quits.

I love my liberal theist friends. I really do. But this poem and OP/ED is not about forcing the end of religion. It is simply written to get people to possibly see a different point of view from an outsiders perspective. I simply see no morality in a character that would murder you for using your own brain, or worse, not even being aware of the rules or you at all.

I do not believe in a God. To me the bible is like if I went to a movie and thought the plot sucked and the movie was bad. This is blunt yes, but it is strictly about logic, not human rights. I will always value human rights but that does not mean I have to blindly agree with everything you claim or have to like it.

I simply do not see the logic in creating something and causing it pain when you have the absolute power to not allow it to suffer at all. And if God never makes mistakes, then why all the do overs? If the Garden was perfect then nothing should have changed. And the worst part of that story is that two innocent characters had no say or awareness of the rigged bet between God and Lucifer. And if God created Lucifer shouldn’t he be to blame for letting Lucifer trick innocent people into a sucker bet?

Then the Hebrews and the rest of humanity are not behaving so God decides to murder everyone but a small family in flood. Why? Why the violence? He is all powerful according to believers, why not simply snap your fingers and get them to behave without the violence, why murder them? And if we go by global population at the time of the alleged story, that would have meant people who never heard of the Abrahamic God globally were murdered for their ignorance. And if only two animals of each were on the ark that means innocent animals were tortured too? Why?

If God can “poof” everything into existence, as they claim, then why all the drama? Why allow all the violence when you have the absolute power to not let it happen at all?

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