Please Stop Me

Please Stop Me, By Brian37 (AKA Brain James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37)

I don’t want to
Write about
This subject anymore

We know the core
Cause, there should be
No pause

Bank shot
In Kentucky
4 more in Orlando

And if you didn’t know
A five year old
Victim in Sisco

Of a road rage shooting
And all we are getting
Is the same quivers

Of fucking excuses
To sell more
And do nothing

Please stop me
I don’t want to write
About this subject again

The shattered lives
The survivor’s pain
Butchered meat

Of the slain
Flooded market
Profit’s gained

Why don’t they
Just get an ice cream truck
Jingle the bells, sweet gun powder smells

Drizzly cherry syrup
Smeared all over the floor
Their fetish they adore

There doesn’t seem to be a number
To wake them from their slumber
To snap them out of their wet dream

Triggers cream their jeans
Protect a fucking object
By insecure selfish means

Rambo wannabe’s
Armed to the teeth
But cowards are all I see

Living a fantasy
At every one’s expense
Their shit makes no sense.

Please stop me
From writing another
I won’t stop shouting

Until the violence is over!

TWO MORE MASS SHOOTINGS IN THE PAST 24 HOURS! 1 in Orlando, one in Kentucky, and a kid shot in a highway road rage event in San Francisco this week.

Don’t stop raising your voices. We don’t have to live like this. This is a generational fight, it is an everyday fight. We fight with our voices and votes, they fight with lies, bullying and intimidation. They will not win.

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