Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Under the desk
Behind the wall
You may escape
Or not at all
Big cities
Big cities
They blame them all
But here in the sticks
They also fall
Red State
Blue State
Over the guns
They masturbate
Sell some more
It’s not too late
Who cares
Who meets their fate
Zip code, zip code
That’s the key
On a slab
You will be
Unless you arm
It’s ok
To live in fear
The price of freedom
Your death is near
Capital Hill
In D.C.
Dwells a selfish party
Gutless cowards
They all be
They will never
Silence me
No gun, no bullet
Will cut me down
My words will survive
If my body is found
All I want is to vote
All I want do take note
All I want is less death
I will advocate for
To my last breath.

Sell more and do nothing is bullshit. Blaming blue states and big cities, is also bullshit. It is the volume of guns, not the zip code. Firearm death and injuries happen in every zip code in every state, red blue, suburban, rural and urban.


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