Transgressed, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

“Look what I did for you”
I, the third party
Took your autonomy from you

How is it altruistic
To demand worship
Under threat of hellfire?

To make oneself
The center of attention
And they fail to mention

He doesn’t stay dead
To call this a “sacrifice”
Clandestine myth of vice

Is erroneous, sanctimonious
To do, without reward
Is the real accord

“Look what I did for you”
Eve I scapegoated too
Broken at birth, askew

I made you, I blame you
I shame you, I beat you
I lie and say I love you

A little parlor trick
Hanging on a stick
Just a pin prick

The stalker
With gun to your head
Love me or I’ll shoot you dead

Sleeping with the enemy
Praying for eternity
Tortured for his vanity.

How is it a sacrifice if you don’t stay dead? How is it altruistic if you are seeking fame and attention? And while forgiving isn’t always a bad thing, a third party does not get to tell me who I have to forgive.

The entire Jesus myth of his death is immoral to me. First off, it is worshiping an act of torture. I find that sick. Secondly, his only being allegedly dead for not even three days, but Friday eve to Sunday morning, would be a day and a half at best. But he doesn’t stay dead. The myth reads more like a magic stage act were the lady gets sawed in half and put back together.

And how is this a “sacrifice” if he doesn’t stay dead? I say a real “sacrifice” were the soldiers of D-day who did so not seeking fame or worship nor had a religion started in their name, and they stayed dead. That to me is a real sacrifice.

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