Lipstick Face

Lipstick Face, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

She traced her face
On the mirror
Flowing hair
One eye with tear

No one
Diagnosed her
But everyone
Had her to fear

Under the radar
No one wanted to see
How dangerous she was
In the end she went too far

No record
At time of buy
They couldn’t
Take it from her

She sent many
A warning sign
But she couldn’t
Be stopped in time

Wet cloths
In the dresser
Rotted meat
In the refrigerator

Laurie took her pain
Into a grade school room
Something snapped in her
A child met his doom

Wade in the blood
It happens far to much
Lipstick on the mirror
Another kick in the gut

The cowards on the right
Refuse to stand up and fight
The epic firearm death
Happening day and night

This happened in 88
Countless have met their fate
The death toll keeps on rising
At an alarming rate.

I have insomnia so I decided to see if I could find an old Valarie Bertinelli TV movie. But I had forgotten the plot. All I remember was that she portrayed a real mentally ill person. I remember the scene where she promised her husband she was going to change and she got all dressed up, cleaned the house, got dinner ready for him. But when he went to his dresser all his cloths were wet. I had forgotten the gun part and the killing part. But now it infuriates me even more because nothing has solved the firearm violence epidemic since.

But there were lots of hints even before that something was not right with Laurie Dann (played by Valarie Bertinelli). The real husband warned police that she had purchased a gun. But the law at the time could not confiscate it from her. Laurie Dann went into grade school classroom and shot several kids, of which one boy died.

After leaving the school she crossed the neighborhood and took a mother and son hostage. Initially she let the mother go, but shot the son, he managed to escape and survived. Laurie Dann ended up committing suicide on the second floor of the house she ran into.

The TV movie is called “Murder Of Innocence” staring Valarie Bertinelli. It is an unfortunate reminder that the GOP and the gun industry obstruct or gut any safety laws that could prevent events like this.

And here we are again, just like Virginia Tech, now Nashville, decades since 1988. These fuckers keep saying “Just keep them out of the wrong hands”, but nothing gets done and more people needlessly die.

“Lipstick Face” as the title is based on the images portrayed in the movie, which I would guess were based on family and police reports where she traced her face in the mirror with lipstick and a tear in one eye.


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