Velocity, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

The wake of a boat
Pushes the water aside
Leaving an arrow shape

Now imagine something
Something high speed
Maybe 900 feet per second
Or 3 thousand feet per second

Traveling through your body
Creating the same wake
A boat would make
But blowing your flesh aside

Inside, like an apple core
Or worse, like a grenade
Your death is certainly made
This is reality, no arcade

This is what
A bullet can do
If you are unlucky
And one hits you

I have seen on tape
Budd Dwyer meet his demise
Opened his mouth
Put the 357 inside

The back of his head
Flew apart,
Guns are not toys
They are not an art

I remember the doctor
Describe the damage
After Uvalde
Of the kid’s bodies

400 million
Of all types
In civilian hands
Take more lives

If you find pride
In deadly tools
If you use “enthusiast”
To describe this muse

Go to the morgue
Spend a few hours to
See what the M.E. sees
And doctors too.

Have you ever heard
Of comedian Gallagher
His giant mallet
Smashing watermelon act?

Well here is the fact
There is no rewind
On a trigger, shredding
Organs bullets deliver

High capacity
High velocity
Flooded market
Leads to misery.

This is my what number in two weeks about this subject? I AM FUCKING TIRED OF WRITING THESE.

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