No More Heros

No More Heros. By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

An E.R. Doctor
After the Navy Yard massacre
Pleaded with the public
To put her out of business

We rightfully praise
The officers of Nashville
But the conditions we tolerate
Put them in that position

Wouldn’t it be nice
If doctors, didn’t have
To say sorry, just for a family
To burry another victim?

Wouldn’t it be nice
If officers didn’t have to
Face an armed public
And could make it home at night?

Dayton Ohio
And a 100 round drum clip
32 seconds later
9 innocent people dead.

Why should a teacher die
Much less a little guy
Why should a doctor plead
Why should cops be on scene?

We know what
The problem has been
Our vetting laws are hollow
The violence never ends.

The altruistic hero
Is one of last resort
We should not be eager
To want them to report

To make them the default
A reactionary measure
When vetting at time of buy
Would be far far better.

I am sick of every time a mass shooting happens we talk about the heroism of the brave people that tried to stop it. It isn’t a failure on their part, it is a societal failure of decades in letting one industry and one lobby hold the nation hostage.

I visited Brisbane Australia twice two weeks each two years in a row. I was out late at night a few times, but even in heavy city traffic during the day, I heard no police sirens, no ambulance sirens. Brisbane is the type of place that if you drop your purse or wallet, it won’t get stolen. You don’t have to worry about getting your head blown off in public. They have a very low gun death rate. I fail to see why we cant do the same things here.

Why is it we are letting people with a fetish hold us hostage? Why should doctors and police and EMT have to see and respond to the blood and guts every day? It isn’t even close in other ally countries.

Australia is not a dictatorship, neither is England, or Germany, or Canada or Japan. Those countries do not have a sick obsession with an object, we do. And our heros are constantly facing the results of blood and guts and PTSD for the survivors when the reality is if the gun shops and factories actually cared where their products end up, we would not have to have so many heros.

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