It Won’t Be Long

It Wont Be Long, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

It won’t be long
It’s been too long
Another day
Of rinse and repeat

They know no zip codes
They know no class
They don’t care the building
Where you take your last breath

It won’t be long
It’s been too long
The flags at half staff
Boggling math

They take glee
How easily
The reaper’s trigger

Just walk in
Like a side of fries
No record required
More people die

It won’t be long
It’s been too long
Short order massacre
Is no surprise

That’s not katsup
On your shirt
Easy access
The blood does squirt

Brain matter
On the floor
Another hides
Behind a door

It won’t be long
Before the next one
I bet another
Before your reading this done.

A week or so ago I wrote ” I Would Tell You” about mass shootings, and there seemed to be a welcome doldrum at the moment, but unfortunately days later it happened again. The irony is that that poem was a response about someone else who wrote a poem about the Pulse Night Club which was years ago.

“It Won’t Be Long” has to be to me the most insidious title I have ever come up with for this subject. I desperately want every mass shooting to be the last.


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