“Truly Without Words”

“Truly Without Words”, based on Jill Biden’s quote today. By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter.

Our First Lady
Along with our nation
Had the misfortune
Of becoming aware again

129 now so far
And the year
Far from over
Not even summer

I agree Jill
I am without words too
More teachers, more students
Just wanted to go to school

The boon of the morgues
The toe tag storage
In the wake of a fetish
The unrelenting carnage

And the sycophant cowards
Paid off by the lobby
Make the profits of one industry
Crimson streets flows misery

One more casket
One more headstone
A lifetime of PTSD
For those who make it home

It’s as if to them
This object breaths
As if it were life
To which they gave birth

Iron and steel are not.
Big clips don’t go to recess
Spray weapons
Don’t play quarterback

But the fetish of death
Takes their last breath
The cultists obsession
Has no boundaries

We are all truly
Without words Jill
But we must never
Become numb

THIS FUCKING TIME, NASHVILLE. I just wrote a poem the other day, not even a week ago. I want to see the day when I don’t have to write another poem on this subject.


3 responses to ““Truly Without Words””

  1. Updates are now saying the killer this time was a trans woman. I don’t care what the motive is. The motive is always different each time. Sometimes it is mentally ill, sometimes it is workplace grudge, sometimes it is religiously motivated, sometimes it is a jilted lover, sometimes it is a bullied kid. But every time there was access to firearms, and most of the time the firearm were legally purchased, and today was no different. This killer had no record or prior history of violence and no criminal record.

    Unfortunately this will be used by the far right firearm fetish nuts to discriminate against LGBTQ and trans. LGBTQ and trans are the least likely to do something like this, so this motive is rare. Which is why access to firearms matters, not the motive. It should not be as easy to simply walk into a gun shop like buying a burger.


  2. I’m totally with you on this one, Brian, as I have been with all your posts about these terrible shootings and the crazy, dangerous gun laws. When will it end? I can feel your rightful anger. It’s appalling that these gun crimes continue to happen, yet your government does nothing to try and stop them. I agree with your last paragraph, too. If buying a gun is as easy as buying a burger, is it any wonder that these crimes continue to be committed? All those people who have lost their lives needlessly and their distraught families and friends. And, as you say, the ones who survive will be forever haunted by what has happened. And yes, I do believe that LGBTQ people will be the ones to take the blame, even though it’s nothing to do with the shooter’s sexuality.

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    • It is always a different excuse with the firearm fetish sickos. This time it is transgender, next time it will be violent video games, another time it will be the mentally ill, and another time it will be the criminals. Those sickos will never admit it is our flooded market and ease of access.

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