They Were

They Were, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

They were pseudo science
Eye color charts, nose size
Cranium size, evil stares
Responsible for the nation’s ills

They were xenophobic
And if you were handicap
Or mentally ill, you were
Unworthy of life

They were, anti science
Unless they used it
To build up their military
Or conduct cruel experiments

They were, anti intellectual
They were, anti art
Unless they approved
Or stole it from others

They banned books
The leader’s book
Was the official grievance
Of one man

They were a Christian movement
And their leader said
“We do not tolerate anyone
Within our ranks

Who offends the ideas
Of Christianity”.
No, not vanity
But the insecurity

Of a sicko who
Got even with the world
Because an art school
Rejected his paintings

They were fascists
And today, in Florida
A Principle is jobless
Fired for showing the artist’s

Work of the statue of David
Millions died denying covid
And Boebert failed multiple times
Before she got her G.E.D.

And their GOP Mussolini
Falsely plays victim
And tells you you are too
And only he knows what to do

He wants to be your authoritarian
He wants to get revenge for you
Just like Hitler did for WW1
So as well the failed businessman

The Nazis wanted retribution
For Mar A Lago, it’s the solution
He’s not doing it for anyone
It’s just a fraud, it’s just a con

They were the losers
And he will too
The fever of fear
Breaks when you get the clues.

I am tired of people saying the parallels between the Nazis and MAGA Trumpism are not the same, they are. The GOP is anti education, and Boebert just called for the total destruction of the public school system.
Which is funny because she failed her G.E.D. a few times before finally passing. She got a G.E.D. not a Highschool diploma. The government she claims to hate issued that G.E.D.

The GOP is constantly attacking judges and FBI agents and District Attorneys who do their jobs objectively. This is the same type of purging the Nazis did when they first named their party that, when Hitler was barely on the radar long before he became a national political figure.

Hitler was not an atheist, he was his own brand of occult/deist/catholic. He invoked God multiple times in Mien Kompf. and as the quote goes mentioned in the poem , but here is the full quote

We do not tolerate anyone in our ranks who offends the ideas of Christianity, who stands up to a dissident, fights him, or provokes himself as a hereditary enemy of Christianity. This movement of ours is actually Christian.” Recorded by Max Vogl, from Hitler’s speech October 27th 1928 in Passau.

Today the MAGA right is selling White Christian Nationalism. Is selling the same anti intellectualism, anti art, anti science, and targeting minorities just like Hitler did. We are literally seeing the rise of fascism here in America.

They are deliberately selling mistrust of our government institutions, and demanding blind loyalty to the party.


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