Not a poem but an OP/ED

Good Cop. OP/ED, now what you are about to read is my opinion about a news event, but it still does not change the disparity about how law enforcement treats whites or middle class whites, vs how over policed and over charged and over sentenced minorities are treated for committing similar infractions/crimes.

Now having said that, an Oklahoma police Captain was pulled over by police for suspicion of DUI. The suspect, the Captain, repeatedly stated his title, and asked the officer to turn off his body cam, several times. To that officer’s credit, he did not. He in fact said, “I do not care if you are a gang banger or the President of the United States.” meaning he treats everyone the same and wasn’t going to play favorites because of the title.

The Captain was arrested and put up bail and put on administrative leave pending investigation. I do wonder if it had been a black officer would they have been fired? I also now worry about this arresting officer’s safety.

I once witnessed the aftermath of a car crash and pulled out an off duty police officer from his private car. I knew he was an officer because he constantly stopped at the convenience store I worked at multiple times a week. As I pulled him out of smokey car (Turned out to be the airbag gas), I noticed an empty booze bottle on the passenger side floor I pulled him out of.

When the rescue and fire showed up, they took my statement, I did not see the actual impact but came across it just after it had happened, as it was a slow traffic day with no cars around. I got a summons to show up to court, which I did. But as was waiting for his case to be called, two officers came up to me and told me I would not be needed to testify.

I didn’t quite understand at the time what they were doing, but I did leave right then. I now know they were covering his accident up to save him. I regret not sticking around now, but also wonder if I could have been threatened or had trumped up traffic charges hoisted on me by the other officers possibly stalking me.

The point is, especially now, with one party sucking up to a dangerous liar and bully, it is now more than ever important for our law agencies at the highest ranks to be as objective as this individual officer was with a superior. The former guy has gotten way with far more damaging things that are becoming a threat to our national stability.

If the highest in power in our intel and law enforcement are corrupt and divided politically our nation cannot function, the system will collapse and we cannot take it for granted that our system will always stand. We cannot allow election lies to foster distrust in our voting system, and we cannot allow the courts who uphold the results to be divided or corrupt either.

It is ok to hold power to account regardless of party. It is not ok for those in power to deliberately lie and sell fear and division to the point it casts doubt on our concept of peaceful transfer of power. The former guy is under multiple civil lawsuits, and possible criminal indictments. Not because he is a Republican, but because he is abusing his power and has broken his oath multiple times and thrown his own intel under the bus to suck up to Putin and Un both brutal dictators.

If the truth and objectivity can matter to an individual police officer then it most certainly should matter to the courts, judges and grand juries investigating the former guy. (end)

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