Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

The pressure on my spine
In my lower back
I cant go either way

My body under attack
I cannot pass, I cannot pee
The medicine is not working

What is wrong with me?
I love feeling impacted
My colon is a stuffed sausage

My bladder
A bloated water balloon
Been to the E.R over this before

Going back would be too soon
And the anxiety of inability
Is keeping me up at night

But this perfect being
Got my body right
And such a daily test

I’ll consider him an asshole
For putting anyone through this
But that is minor by comparison

Than say a kid with cancer
Or Jews in a gas chamber
And this sky monster

Sits and watches
And lets it happen
No matter if even innocent

And lucky me
This sky daddy
Put me in a country

Full of right wing pricks
Who think health care
Is a luxury

These are your people
Oh mighty one?
Profit off of illness

What that of insurance?
Fuck you if you’ve none
Die quickly, pay or suffer

Yet this makes sense
When you read the first commandment
It isn’t about human welfare

It is all about him.
Its as if we are an afterthought
A bored brat made

Us his toys, his lab rats
His pawns, oh how perfect
It is, to not be able to shit for days.

This is a serious poem. I am ok, but still in some discomfort that is causing me anxiety. My primary doctor didn’t do shit but take my pulse and told me to stop taking one med and get more fiber in my diet. Well when I stopped taking that med, I couldn’t pee, so fuck him, I am going to keep taking it until I run out. But I think the fiber is also backing me up, too much, too little, cant find that balance.

But right now it is manageable but annoying as fuck. And when I think about very serious problems like cancer and watching my mother die a slow painful death after her decision to do nothing more medically. It isn’t a matter of hating a real God. I can’t hate Darth Vader either. Just don’t insult my intellect by trying to claim an all powerful sky daddy made us in his image? If he cant get bloated and backed up and have an impacted colon, then he isn’t all powerful. If he can, he isn’t perfect. Or better yet, he doesn’t exist and my health problems are simply a result of a flawed reality for all life.

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