In A Rush

In A Rush, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

On the Knight
Of the city of hills
A Ficus on his heals

Two daughters
Lived below
Sarah everyone knows

Blond and buxom
But not my type
I dreamed of sister Jackie

All day and night
Brunette and slender
The kind I remember

I wanted to date her
She was yet another
Crush in my youth

I watched on the tube
Pining to grow up
And be attractive to

Her type. I was
In a rush to age
Now looking back

I had lost track
Jackie was a dream
Elusive to me

Now I can see
It was mere fantasy
Time has taught me

It would never be.
I tortured myself
To be somebody else

And like Henry
I was clumsy
I slid of the couch

So easily, I was goofy
I was shaky in the presence
Of someone like Jackie

This poem is about the character Jacky Rush on the sitcom “Too Close For Comfort” story line based in San Francisco. There was an episode where Jackie complained that her sister Sarah was prettier than she was and always got the guys. I didn’t understand that at the time because I had a huge crush on Jackie and not Sarah.

Henry( played by Ted Knight) is the father on the show. The two early twenties daughters live in the basement apartment in the show. Monroe Ficus is the awkward goofy guy friend of the two girls and Henry eventually lets him move into the attic apartment in season 4.

Point is I never understood what people find attractive or why I felt the ladies didn’t find me attractive. Back then. But now older and wiser it simply amounts to you cant help whom you are attracted to, and for some reason I was attracted to the slim brunette Jackie and not the buxom blond sister Sarah.

One of the running jokes on the show is Henry could never sit properly on the girl’s couch in their apartment because it was floppy and new age and you had to know how to sit on it correctly to stay put, but Henry always slid off the couch or flipped over backwards trying to sit on it.

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