Dangling On The Noose

Dangling On The Noose, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37)

These ladies so fair
Were hardly that
They were monsters
Who unleashed their wrath

Muzzled shepherds
At their side
Nazi guards
Hitler’s pride

They got their due
For what they did
Hyenas and Beasts
Would soon be dead

The gallows’ noose
Around their heads
Paradies, Becker
Klaff, Steinhoff,

Barkmann, the trucks
Backed up, and off the back
They were pushed,
Left to twist, they were no good.

After the surrender of Germany and death of that vile pile of shit Hitler, many of the camp guards were put on trial and sentenced to death by hanging. Many of these guards were female.

Elizabeth Becker, Gerda Steinhoff, Wanda Klaff, Ewa Paradies were female guards that brutalized their victims in unimaginable fashion. They were executed with male Nazi officials on July 4th 1946 in Biskupia Gorka (Stolzenberg) near Danzig Poland. Other names not mentioned in the poem Johann Pauls and Ema Bailhardt.

The horrors of the Holocaust must always be remembered as a lesson as to not what to do to your fellow human beings.


2 responses to “Dangling On The Noose”

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Brian. You are right; the Holocaust must never, ever be forgotten. Thousands and thousands of innocent lives were ended (often tortured first) by the Nazis. My ancestors were Jewish, and we lost family members in the Holocaust, so this subject is near to my heart. I hope to ‘god’ that this is never allowed to happen again – except that it is in other parts of the world. Will there ever be an end to violence and the murder of innocent people in our world? I do wonder sometimes, but I fear the answer.

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