The Last Scoundrel

The Last Scoundrel, By Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

The slick apologist
Will always insist
I am not interpreting it

Correctly, that the verse
Story, allegory, is metaphor
Not to be taken literally

Oh how convenient
Their interpretation
Matches their desires

Never mind that others
Can read those same words
And come to different conclusions

And thus all the confusion
Who gets to decide
The words that reside

Under the same book
Where anyone can look
And read the same thing

Yet no one can agree
And the sub sects
Are never in harmony

Thrust on thee

But ignore the
Shellfish, be selfish
With blended fabric

Who gets to decide
Out of all the factions
What is meant as a story

And when to take
Literal actions
I am just saying

This argument isn’t swaying
“Metaphor” is a dodge
To avoid the hodgepodge

Cobbled book. Ambiguous
Enough so that anyone can
Make it say what they want.


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