We three roommates be
Were in great need
Of a place to bed

So you query
What’s your worry
Ok, I will

Tell you our story
Our landlord
Gave us a great discount

On this pad we had pounced
But unannounced
And to our surprise

A lion walked in one day
Weeks after we arrived
It followed us around

So we we complained
She was passionately
Insistent that it stayed

“It won’t growl
It won’t bite
Don’t you fret

Get some sleep tonight
It doesn’t growl
It doesn’t bite”

I said, “It does seem
Friendly enough
I can scratch his belly

Ruffle his tuft
But what happens
When things get ruff?

What if he gets
An infected tooth
What if he gets

A splinter in his paw
What if he’s got a fever
Doesn’t feel good at all?”

I was worried
Danger would befall
Shredded to pieces

I wouldn’t exist at all
And so too, that apartment
I was, we were, through

Then a sound something
Faint, maybe mildly louder
I don’t remember

I do remember Howard
And I joking about
The 3 way

That didn’t happen
In the Penthouse Forums
With that redhead scientist

As we packed
The moving van
As we left

I do remember
Pulling back my blanket
In such a foggy manor

Boy I’m glad that’s over.

This poem is about a real bizarre dream I had right before writing this. Howard the character from TBBT was in my dream, no I didn’t have the
TV on during my dream. My other roommate’s face I never really saw.


2 responses to “The Lion”

  1. What a strange dream, Brian. I wonder what triggered that off in your mind. Dreams and nightmares can seem incredibly real at the time. Glad you managed to find a good poem to write through the experience. How are you doing? You haven’t written much lately, and I just wondered how you were.


    • I don’t read anything into dreams, it is just your brain playing hooky. It can be triggered by stress, or lack of sleep, but good or bad, it is not premonition.

      I am doing fine, I was busy yesterday. Sorry I didn’t get back to you on this sooner.

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