Root Beer

Root Beer, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

I could buy the pair of you
A Satin scratch post
And diamond incrusted
Food dishes

Ok, no I couldn’t
But it wouldn’t matter
If I could, you two
Wouldn’t bother

My little angel Kelly
And my Jet Lee
Dark poet
Anneplath kitty

You love being silly
Tunnelling through
The soda box empty
Ambush the game

A combat range
The root beer bunker
What could be funnier
Than to watch you plunder

Easy to amuse, I’ve lit the fuse
The funhouse, cardboard
Until you flatten it
As flat as a wafer

It is your caper
Until worn out
And it wears you out
Until you curl up

On my bed, next to me
Tuckered out. I’m glad
I found, your funhouse
No need for a rubber mouse.

My cats love tunneling through my 12 pack empty root beer boxes, it is their favorite toy. Problem is they don’t understand that if they flatten it they cant play in it, so I have to frequently get up to make it stand up again.


6 responses to “Root Beer”

  1. I’m so glad you’re still enjoying life with Kelly and Anneplath, Brian. You haven’t mentioned them for a while. Cats are such fun, aren’t they? My Peanut likes her cardboard boxes and brown paper bags; she climbs into both and goes to sleep sometimes. Other times, she just likes to play with them. She has a cardboard tunnel, too, which she loves playing in. Her favourite spot is in her old cardboard box with a blanket in the bottom. I tried buying her cat beds or hammocks that fit on the radiators, to begin with, but she wasn’t interested and plumped for her cardboard box every time. I love it when Peanut comes and sleeps on my bed with me at night. She doesn’t disturb me until morning. I would never be without a cat now. Peanut is just three-and-a-half years old now, so I hope she will live for a long time yet.


      • I’m not sure that she was a joy yesterday, though. She caught a field mouse in the morning. She’s always capturing wildlife like mice and birds. It’s the one thing I really don’t like about having a cat, but cats will be cats and are just following their hunting instincts. I rescued it and am keeping the little thing warm and comfortable, feeding him bits of banana, as I was advised, but I don’t know if he’ll recover enough to live outside again and, no doubt, be caught by another cat in time. I’m a big softy with animals. I hate to see even the tiny ones suffering. Not sure this one is going to make it, but he’s doing well so far. I’m keeping him in a wildlife carrier and well away from Peanut! I’ve called him, simply, Mouse-Friend. People think I’m mad looking after a tiny creature like that. I just feel that he might just be an ordinary mouse, but I wanted him to have another shot at life.

        I’ve just heard from the wildlife people I spoke to this morning and they’ve just texted me to say that someone is coming to collect him to go back to the wildlife hospital. Great news! I hope he makes it 😊.


      • I have strictly indoor cats for this reason. Not only that we have really big birds here where I live that could easily pick up an adult cat. Plus you have dogs and racoons and squirrels and possums and cars. So I keep them inside to avoid any injury from those things.

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