Helmholtz Resonance

 Helmholtz Resonance, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

The discarded bottleneck
Tipped and spun 
Unbeknownst to me
It’s opening cavity 

And stopped it’s speed
It’s final resting spot
Over the floor’s air duct

Everything collecting dust
Half eaten this, a discarded that
But that was nothing new to me
Slowly, carelessly, and eventually

One snowflake, then another
But I didn’t bother
I’d get to cleaning eventually
But the whiteout snuck up on me

My crowed subway
No standing or sitting room
All occupied by slovenly
The roaches gleeful gluttony

Everest sized Hefty Bags
The linebackers had long since
Broke through the line
Brutally self inflicted penalty 

I’d become
The garbage collector
With no way
To haul it away

Then suddenly
An annoying noise
Whispering humming baritone
Nagging and pestering my auditory  

Coming from everywhere
High ceilings
Vinyl flooring
Minimal insulation

Soundwaves ghostly bouncing 
I paced around to find the sound
That was playing hide and seek 
Bedeviled beleaguered frustrated

I almost called in a panic
Someone to fix my H-VAC
Mistaking the source
It was the bottle of course

The vent blew air over it’s cavity.

“Helmholtz resonance” is the sound produced when air travels over a cavity of some sort, like when you blow over the top of an empty bottle or jug.

I am on the wagon now, have been for a little over a year now. I was also a hoarder. I let my house go, trash and food bits everywhere. One day I had dropped a bottle and it landed on the floor and the neck top ended up over the floor vent. But because I couldn’t see it, and because of my high ceilings and hard vinyl floor and very little furniture, everything I do echo’s in the house, so the low and noticeable hum from the bottle I could not see, bounced everywhere in the house and I eventually thought my heating air unit or AKA “H-VAC” was broken. I almost called the repair man but at the last second I spotted the bottle.

The “snowflake” and “whiteout” are not metaphor for cocaine use. The hardest drugs outside alcohol I did was pot, and LSD, but that was back when I was a teen, and I stopped pot in college, and that was over 23 years ago and I haven’t even touched that. I stopped drinking a year ago.

By “snowflake” and “whiteout” I simply mean losing track of a buildup and not accepting the impending overwhelming size of my hording, like as they say, boiling the frog slowly. My hording got to the point of not being able to see the floor, or much of it. Snowstorms can start out slow and then suddenly become intense and leave piles of buildup.

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