Codswallop, By Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Is codswallop
A dollop of sour cream?
Is it a screen door
On a submarine?

Seems absurd
From what I can glean
I don’t think
I am being mean

Is it a taco
Made of broken glass?
Is it a talking donkey
Or burning bush ash?

Is it a man
Living in a whale?
Is it the hollow threats
Of burning in hell?

Is it a man
Pierced in his side?
All the blood drained out
Until he died?

Why is it this God
Won’t go on Maury?
Prove it isn’t Joseph
Take a paternity?

Testy testy
You seem to me
Why are you crying
About blasphemy?

If you say
He is this boss
If I am a toy
That he could toss

Out like garbage
It would reason
He could manage
To fight his own battles

What kind of damage
Could I do to?
This all powerful being
How could I destroy him?

Yet you jump in the ring
As a third party
To protect him
My chances less than slim

According to you
I am bug squashed
Under his shoe
What could I do?

Are unicorns too
Loc Ness Monster
And Big Foots do

Fancy the minds
Without science review
Yea, you can believe it
If you want to

But expect not of me
To accept it as fact
Expect not of me
For evidence you lack

Daises made of
Pixy dust goo
All the way through.


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