School Of Piranha

School Of Piranha, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

I was that Carl with the pizza face
I could never have a Blair
She was out of my class

The girls weren’t nice
The jocks were worse
I hated my teen years

It was a curse
I never fit in
I never looked right

I was easy work
If I got in a fight
I always had to

Run and hide
I had no best friend
By my side

I was a minnow
In a school of sharks
I felt invisible

I lived in the dark
A school of piranha
Made it’s mark

I don’t want to go back
Lived under attack
The school of piranhas

Cut me no slack.

This is an ode poem to a particular episode of “The Facts Of Life” that hit close to home for me. In Season 3 Episode 20, “Kids Can Be Cruel” The jocks pick on a character named Carl who is wimpy looking and has a bad complexion. I was that guy, except his character was actually more educated and smarter than me as implied by the script by comparison. His character knew about famous abstract artists like Picasso, I didn’t know shit about art back then. I was simply scared and wimpy and felt dumb all the time.

And I longed for a good looking girlfriend at the time. But girls were not attracted to me. I look back at that now, and the truth is, I did blow off one girl who liked me because everyone was teasing her and me about our relationship, and I was too scared to stand up to anyone. I was an easy fight, you could knock me over with that “feather” as skinny as I was.

“School Of Piranha” is what Ms Garrett called the kids after discovering how they had treated Carl, thus the title of the poem.

I will say to the writers credit, it was a lesson on how not to be a bully be kinder to others. My childhood sucked, my teen years sucked. I am lucky that I no longer have to live in that kind of isolation and fear. But every generation has those asshole bullies and they honestly do not know the damage they cause and that is something someone can carry throughout their entire lives.

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