I Am, By Brian37(AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

I am Monroe
From that San Francisco

I am Steve
Got no reprieve

I am Skippy
Could never woo

I am Vera
I worked in
A diner

I am Penny
Of questions
I don’t get many

I am Furley
Lonna ran from
In a hurry

I am Maxwell
I want 99
But accident inclined

I am Aunt Clara
Never gets it right
My magic such a fright

I am only Bosley
Never get a Kelly
Never get a Jill

For I am really clumsy
I am always awkward
At any given party

In school
I never played
Any sport at all

If on my street
I’d be the last
The guys would call

I couldn’t carry a tune
I could sing a note
I sounded like a strangled cat

Had gotten stuck in my throat
I didn’t move up
The economic ladder

In my head
Far too much
I listened to the clatter

The cacophony
Of everybody
Imposing on me

Their judgment
Of what they thought
I should be

Now that I am older
Now that I am retired
I am no longer mired

In the whims of others
I am not bothered
By their banter

I am Monroe
I am Steve
I am Skippy

And I am happy
I am Vera
I am Penny

And I am happy
I am Furley
I am Maxwell

And I am happy
I am Aunt Clara
I am Bosley

And you can accept me
The way that I am
If that is not good enough

I don’t give a damn.

I am not going to give too much of this poem away. This poem mentions several TV characters in mostly sitcoms, but basically the not so beautiful people, the dorky people, the awkward people, the ordinary people. If you want to guess which shows I am taking about, please do.

But it also sums up my childhood, and teens and even my early 20s. I still to this day feel out of place somewhat. Not in the same way, but far more accepting of being myself rather than trying to fit in. As the Huey Lewis song goes, “Hip To Be Square”.

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