False Favor

False Favor, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

To gain favor
To gain numbers
To gain followers
On falsehoods

Can produce success
Safety in increased populous
More opportunity
Access to resources

To foster reproduction
And to believe these falsehoods
In honest heart, to be true
Or be of sly malevolence

Important is the relevance
Not to blind obedience
Not appeal to popularity
Or appeal to authority

This tower of power
Built on conformity
Is the weakest of foundation
Surely lacks of reason

That has been said of absurdity
To believe in such, can lead
To atrocities, it is of Jim Jones
Of Marshall Applewhite

Braun am Inn
Austria is where it began
A vile disgusting man
Took Germany off the cliff

The world on the precipice
Of of the access powers grift
Their masses all ignorant
Promises they all wanted

To be granted superiority
Aggrieved is to be justified
Even though madness their pride
Scapegoat others is the tried

To the autocrat they abide
Of such nations, oppression arise
To forgo scrutiny, should not surprise
Unwanted outcome in shackles you lie

False favor, is that of a Don
This thing of ours, to never question
Is to be future kindling, burning
Dying from your own blindness.

Empathetic and and humanistic leadership, is not afraid of scrutiny. False favor is lying to gain support knowing it is just fostering conformity for selfish benefit. It isn’t a matter of saying “Brian, all politicians lie”. That part is true. But the truly dangerous lies are the ones that sew distrust in our institutions and otherism to the point of oppression and violence.

False favor is how death cults get started. False favor is how dictatorships and autocracies and theocracies arise and maintain power. Scrutiny and oversight are the only weapons against the collapse of an open democratic society.

To blindly follow is dangerous. It is how Jim Jones and Marshall Applewhite and Charles Manson were successful in gaining their false favor, at cost of the fleeced who bought their vile crap. And the same can be said of the big monsters Hitler and Stalin and the Kim family of North Korea.

Vigilance, not paranoia, but observing and verifying and scrutinizing are the best weapons against societal demise.

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