Cone Of Falsetto

Cone Of Falsetto, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter.

He’s minus two
I had to do
Snip snip, at the vet

Get smart, what an art
They doped you up
And I am on the wagon

Satellite dish
For a week
This lion once roared

But now merely squeaks.
Hit the high notes
Audition for Alvin

Chipmunks hoped
Would join them

You wobble and purr
Tipsy drunkard
What are you on?

It must be damn good.

My male cat named Anneplath (Hybrid name of two poets, Ann Sexton and Sylvia Plath) got the big snip. He is high as a kite really doped up, and that sucks for me, because I am sober now and whatever they put him on, he is happy as hell. Falling down like a drunkard but still happy as hell. I love him, but he looks so goofy with that satellite dish.

“Cone of Falsetto” is a play off the fake spy gadget contraption in the 60s sitcom “Get Smart” “Cone Of Silence”, not for the shape of course, but because both the dish on his neck and the fake spy contraption look so silly in their own rights.


2 responses to “Cone Of Falsetto”

  1. I remember when Peanut had her op and needed to wear one of these odd cones. She wasn’t impressed. Although she slept for the first day, the following day, she was clawing at it to get it off. I felt so guilty for putting her through that, but better, she was neutered than pregnant by the local tomcat. After a while. she got used to it and managed to eat out of her bowl okay. I hope Anneplath recovers from his op quickly. And yes, I wouldn’t mind having whatever they put him on! Not really, as I’ve been clean and sober for ten years and would never muck that up again. Glad he’s okay, anyway. And you, too, hopefully.

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