A Library Of One

A Library Of One, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet On FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

I know, I know
You got the right one
It is the story of humanity
It is our history

It is the ultimate authority
Giving us our morality
It will provide us victory
And for those who cannot see

It is no life to be
Destruction left for thee
But what I really glean
Is that it is obscene

That you put all value
In this one book
Of all others
You’ll never look

This cosmic boss
Of us he will toss
Into a pit of fire
To burn forever

And God said to burn
Books he doesn’t like
Isn’t that convenient
They’re the same

Ones you despise
Ones of science
Ones of advocacy
Ones of poetry

Ones of minorities
Ones of harsh history
Ones of biography
Ones of creativity

I know, I know
He says you are chosen
Your library limited
Your freedom abandon

That which conflicts
Makes kindle of it
That which is fact
Dispense with it

That one book
Is all you need
If that is the only
That you read

A sorry sod
Are you to me
Bound by shackles
Of absurdity.

If the bible is the only book you read, you need serious help. But the truth is for most, they just cherry pick the bible and only focus on the parts the holy man tells them on Sunday.

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