Fishing For Cats

Fishing For Cats, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Not exactly fly fishing
But far more fun
And this is exactly
How it is done

Plush fish toy
At the end
Of an elastic

Attached to
A plastic poll
I fling it over
The edge of my bed

And watch them
Do their thing
When to leap

In the air
Like acrobats
Determined predators
They’re going to catch that fish

I lure them in
With wiggles
And jiggles
They launch

Like missiles
They clutch
And pull
My rod bows

As if on
The back of a boat
Line tenses up
Tuna or swordfish

It’s all it’s worth
I cast my line out
It’s back and forth
Which one of them

Will catch it first?

Anneplath and Kelly’s favorite toy is a small plush fish toy with feathers on the end of an elastic string attached to a plastic flexible poll. I lay on my bed and cast the fish over the side, like fly fishing in the ocean or off the back of a fishing boat. I see them jump up like a fish or shark breaching the surface of the water trying to catch the toy. Or sometimes they catch it out of my sight and the line tenses up like fishing. It is fun to watch them pounce and jump and play and try to anticipate where the fish will be so they can catch it.

2 responses to “Fishing For Cats”

  1. A lovely poem, Brian. My cat, Peanut, loves playing this game, too. I kept meaning to ask you how Kelly and Anneplath were, as you haven’t mentioned them much on your blog recently. It sounds like they’re doing well and having lots of fun with you. Cats are a delight, aren’t they?

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