And So On, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

“Simplify” said the guy
If you want to find
Solutions. Too complicated
Leads to more confusion

What is likely has
The least baggage
Minimize any possible

Make your findings
More accurate
Make your formulas
More articulate

Don’t add more to it
Than necessary, clearly
It is advantageous
Occam paved us

A path the wise must
Avoid inserting thus
Something bigger
Then bigger, and bigger

For this will certainly
Trigger, the cloudiness
Messiness, thoughtless
Meaningless , endless

Problem of infinite regress
And they will never confess
They will never admit
They will never see

The grandaddy of all
Is the Almighty they claim
Whom they never saw
It will surely fall

If everything has a cause
Then God did too
What caused that God
And what bigger God

Caused that God
and so oN, and so ON
and sO ON, and SO ON
and SO ON, anD SO ON

But if God didn’t have a cause
Occam would come along
And suggest you take a pause

And ponder a more simple
Solution, as to why
These claims exist
It is because humans falsely insist

That this creature does exist
It is merely a projection of us
A dog barking at its reflection
Our mirror with no connection

Just our wishful thinking.
This entity begs the question
The convenient conclusion
Based on a presupposition.

Occam’s Razor is the principle that when you are seeking a solution to solve an answer to a gap, the least complicated path, formula with the least complicated starting point, is going to be your most likely answer.

If one is going to claim a God exists, and at the same time cop out to “he is infinitely far more complicated than our tiny human brains, you are starting at a hollow position, a weak position, and you are not solving a problem, you are merely gap filling.

I’d say the more simple explanation as to why humans believe in God/gods/deities super natural, is that they make those things up as a reflection of our own human attributes because we fear being finite, and we want control over our environments. So when nature causes trauma in our life, or we see bad happen and death happen, we falsely assume that there is a super cognition causing or allowing for those things to happen, and we also project our qualities of empathy and compassion in the concepts of heaven, and our sense of revenge and justice in the concept of hell.

And thank you Infidale for inspiring another poem.

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