The Fallacy of Eloquence

The Fallacy of Eloquence, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

You mask your apology
In false fancy, and I can see
The thin veil, others inhale
Aquinas told a tall tale

Cosmological fail, the wind
With no sail, everything
That begins to exist
Has a cause?

Non-Overlapping Magisteria
Caused lots of hysteria
Splitting the baby
To save face

You knew you had no case
You retrofit after the fact
Modern science
To make excuses

To cling to the mast
Of mythology of the past
“Priori” another muse
You chose to use

To confuse, confound
Impress and lead
The unsuspecting
Into your steed

Cheese in the trap
The mouse in your gap
The ace up your sleeve
That I can see

It doesn’t fool me
I am aware of this con
I’m not new to this job
Of intellect you rob

Your bait is stale
It will not prevail
Science the well
Our knowledge will swell.

I have heard the cosmological argument, mainly from Catholic apologists but other Christians as well. I have heard other apologists try to argue “non overlapping Magisteria ” which means science covers the empirical knowledge while religion covers the moral questions of life”, Bullshit. Science also can and does explain where our empathy and compassion come from too.

I have to admit these arguments are wordy and fancy, but are still a house of cards that are easily knocked down by science.

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