After Party

After Party, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

What are these party favors
The Evangelicals savor?
Why are they so excited
Over the rapture?

They can never give me
A number, as to how many
Friends this deity needs
Seems insecure to me

I cannot take them seriously
8 billion now living,
Billions more in our history
Have died consistently

Some say only 100,000 or so
But the truth has always been
They don’t really know
This mythology really shows

And what does it speak of them
To want our world to end
Genocide of mankind
In order for them to win

Cruel vindictive God
Leader of this mob
If your only crime
Is not falling in line

What will go on up there
For eternity, mindless prostrate
Worship of one being
I don’t want to be

Part of such a gang
Violence is their plan
Words of a madman
After party scam.

Evangelicals are nuts with their End Times rapture garbage. They love speaking for a being they cannot prove exists, but also at the same time cant tell me even a ballpark figure as to how many humans will get into this after party after God fries his toys he doesn’t like and kills all life besides his minions including innocent animals.

And that means outside this vindictive narcissist’s click, everyone else has to suffer for the “select few” to go up to heaven to do what? Kiss his ass forever? If this alleged being is “all powerful” it should not need anything, including worship. If it needs anything, including worship, then that is a deficit making this alleged being incomplete, thus not “all powerful” or “perfect”.

We live in a very violent universe, with exploding and collapsing stars, asteroids, comets, black holes, supernovas and such. And on this planet we have had had 5 mass extinction events as to which 99% of life is now extinct and what we see today is only 1% that survived.

An average of 50 to 60 million humans die from everything every day, from in the womb, stillborn, in childhood, all the way up to old age, and death from disease, famine, war, crime, death from everything.

That alone says to me there is no super cognition helping humans and if we want to help humanity, only we have that power. But to stick in this sick story of claiming the only way one can have happiness forever is for everyone else to die violently and be tortured forever for not kissing this being’s ass, is sick.

The good news is such a sky monster does not exist. The bad news is that there are humans wanting this self fulfilling prophecy to happen. That mentality is a threat to my existence while I am alive.


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