Sacred Places

Sacred Places, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

The masses lavish you
With praise, lavish you
With worship, build
Houses for you

That should be safe
Places. The churches
Mosques and Synagogues
For prayer and friendly

Faces. These sacred buildings
Should be fortresses, impervious
To threats of violence, bombings
Mass murder, stabbings, even

Acts of nature. Hurricanes
Tornados, flooding. Allegedly
“All Powerful”, yet you’re selective
Or you watch and do nothing

While these faithful die
In your house, while it burns
From hateful bigots. Is their labor
Not worthy, their time, your glory?

Are they just props, in your play
The destruction your game
All buildings the same
Your rage you won’t tame

Or could it be, these places
We see, have no powers
To be, and humans just need
A mere fantasy?

In my lifetime I see tons of stories of holy places being destroyed in acts of nature, and acts of violence.

You are reading this particular poem because one of my favorite poets and followers here Ellie, was terrorized in a church by men wielding knives who damaged their musical instruments but did not hurt anyone. Fortunately she is ok. So this is a poem I wrote from a personal perspective because it pisses me off that someone threatened and terrorized my friend.

Now having said that, please understand this is also for me, strictly about how logic works, and I don’t hate a fictional being. I am merely arguing against the logic as to why people think objects such as buildings have some magical power, when it is obvious with events like this they do not.

I hope they catch the fuckers.


2 responses to “Sacred Places”

  1. Thank you very much, Brian, that you thought of my situation when writing this poem. I really appreciate that you care. I should add that it wasn’t ‘my’ or ‘our’ church we were practising in, as I don’t attend church. It’s just that their church hall is a good place to hold a drum circle, which gets very noisy, as you can imagine. It’s far enough away from houses or the public, so we are not making a noise nuisance of ourselves. Thanks again for caring.


    • I didn’t think it was your church. But still, people think that holy places should be respected, I say all dwellings should be free from violence. It makes no sense to claim an all powerful being who doesn’t even care to protect the monuments his fans build for him.

      But yea, I get using a big place with distance between buildings so the noise doesn’t bother others.

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