Mind Autonomy

Mind Autonomy, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Dear theists
I must state this
When you answer
A question I pose

Can you speak
For yourself
Or say
“I don’t know”

When you say
“God said”
“The bible says”

My eyes turn red
Old words dead
Hand up your back

The puppet is fed
I asked YOU
Not your God
Do you want me to view

You as a mere bot?
Can you formulate
Your own thoughts
Can you reason

Outside of that book?
Is it, the only you read
Seems that you see
What you want to see

Exactly where is
Your mind autonomy
If you always let God
Speak for thee?

Is to be
Strung up on
This fallacy



As an atheist, when I debate theists, I really get frustrated with the theist when I ask them what they think on a topic and they say “God said” or “My holy book says”. I am not asking you the opinions or positions of others, I am asking YOU what your independent position is. When you regurgitate the words of others or lines in an old book, you are not formulating your own position, you are clinging to the mythology of antiquity because you fear thinking for yourself.

If you are allowed to think for yourself however, then God should have no problem with you disagreeing with him, or even criticizing him. But what I seen in that book as an overall characteristic of the God character, is that he is not interested in listening to you, unless it is solely to grovel for his attention. He does not ask for advice or wants to listen to your personal feelings outside of worshiping him. It is all about worshiping him.

So when you say “God said” or “the bible says” you are NOT formulating an independent position and you are devaluing your own mind autonomy. You are not you, you are ultimately a mouthpiece, a billboard without the right to disagree or question.


2 responses to “Mind Autonomy”

  1. An excellent piece of writing, Brian, and you make very many valid points. I definitely don’t disagree with what you say because I don’t have a religion either (I used to), but it doesn’t bother me that others do. I tend to think each to their own. If that’s what they believe in, I let them be as long as they don’t start preaching at me. I know conversations with believers can be very frustrating, but who am I to tell them what their beliefs should be or what they should or shouldn’t believe in? I feel free to express my own views openly and honestly. Perhaps, this is just another viewpoint, even though I’m a non-believer. My personal belief is mainly to let them get on with it as long as they’re not hurting anyone else. That, of course, doesn’t mean that you have to agree with me. We all have a right to our own opinions. Having said that, I know that far too many wars and killings have taken place in factual history and still do in the name of religion, and there’s no way that’s acceptable, and I definitely can’t even begin to condone that. I do have difficulty dealing with religious people who seem to make excuses as to why their ‘God’ wasn’t responsible for all the deaths and plagues spoken of in their bibles etc., by saying that ‘God’ made man innocent, to begin with, and that man had free will, so, therefore, it was man’s doing when ‘Eve’ took a bite of the ‘forbidden fruit’. Thanks for listening to my views. I’d be interested to hear your response to my thoughts. Ellie.


    • It It is about bad use of logic. I will aways value human rights, but claims as far as making logical arguments do not deserve taboo status. I’d say that if a God did exist, to have it sit with folded arms while Anne Frank was marched to her death by the Nazis, plus the 6 million murdered under his watch, it still would not be a god worth worshiping.

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