Resurrection, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Hate never dies
It is only dormant
At best, we must
Never rest

This weed
Silent, and creeping
A slithering serpent

If the wondering eye
Looses sight of this hate
The world will surely
Meet it’s fate

We all know
The words on that gate
The extermination
The culmination

Of lie after lie
The vilification
The scapegoating
The violation

Of humanity
In blinded glee
Of Germany
Brutal malice

The Fuehrer
Their leader
Grand ambition
World cataclysm

Work sets you free
A fallacy, a prophecy
Self fulfilling legacy
Repeat again

If we refuse to see
We must remember
History, never forget
This misery

This haunting code
Is whispering still
Reaching ears
Living in fear

The authoritarian
To be their savior
His endeavor

Turn our backs
We must never
Let resurrect
This evil monster.

Even before the former guy ran, I knew his rhetoric of otherism, scapegoating and vilifying was preying of of fear and social anxiety, when he was perpetuating the Obama birther bullshit. But when he officially ran, I knew this guy would be dangerous to our institutions and our republic, and unfortunately he did exactly that, damaged the public trust in our free society and system of checks and balances. He has lead the GOP to the climate of blind loyalty.

We have seen this tactic before in human history. Lie and scapegoat and vilify, and sell hate of outsiders and us propaganda an rhetoric to make political rivals targets of violence, and throw questioners of your own camp under the bus for even the slightest of question.

These tactics in a seat of high political power are exactly how democracies fall, and how despots, dictators and fascism arise. I am do not like saying this at all, but the parallels are there and glaringly obvious.

We must always remember what hate and propaganda and lies combined at high sets of power can lead to.


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