Poet’s Fear

Poet’s Fear, By Brian37 (AKA Brain James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

The poet’s fear
Are the stagnant doldrums
When the words elude
And are not there

Camouflaged by distraction
The impala zig zagging
The Serengeti’s mind
Tall grass makes you blind

The safari not kind
The camera no film
The blistering heat
The poet’s defeat

Your prose the prey
Events of the day
Get in your way
Ink has no frame

Starlight no slumber
The roaring from under
Frustration is hunger
The poet is silenced

It feasts on defeat
Gnawing at sleep
The lines slowly creep
Away and escape

Dawn does arise
Empty between lines
Corpse left behind
The reader denied.

Another poem about writer’s block for the poet. When I use the word “safari” I am using the metaphor of a photo safari, not the sick assholes who kill endangered species. Thus the line “The camera no film”.

3 responses to “Poet’s Fear”

  1. This is a brilliant poem about writer’s block, Brian. It’s really excellent and paints vivid imagery in my mind. It’s such a clever way to explore writer’s block. My favourite verses are the last two, especially those last two lines, “Corpse left behind, Reader denied.” I loved it. Thanks for sharing it. I’m glad you explained about Safari, just in case anyone is thinking otherwise.


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