Not a poem, but pissed off once again.

IT IS THE FUCKING GUNS! I am fucking tired of the right saying it isn’t. If they insist on saying it isn’t the guns, then it most certainly is their worship of an object. There are 400 million firearms in civilian hands. I never get a good answer as to how many would be a good stopping point? 1 billion firearms, 10 billion firearms, 50 billion firearms?

No other first world ally nation has anywhere close to our level of firearm injuries and murders. DONT FUCKING GIVE ME YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS BULLSHIT, you just want to protect firearms to “own” the libs. Liberals actually care about humans an we believe that humans have rights and objects do not. Massacre after massacre the MAGA right and the minority of firearm owners and the GOP prove that they do not care about human life.

2 responses to “Not a poem, but pissed off once again.”

  1. I hear you, Brian. I hear your very justified and rightful anger. Although I don’t live in the same place, I feel the same about the gun situation out there. I was horrified to hear the news this morning about this last shooting. So many lives lost or people hurt. I had no idea there were anywhere near that number of guns in civilians’ hands. It’s appalling – in this day and age, too. Thoughts and prayers don’t do it for me, either.


    • I have a 1984 high school jr year yearbook that had a two page spread called “The Year In News”, it had pictures and short paragraph blurbs about the events pictured. One was of Reagan, another as the first artificial heart guy, another was the space shuttle, but one of them was an outside picture of a McDonalds in San Ysidro California where a guy named James Huberty went in and murdered 22 people. THAT WAS 1984, and nothing has changed, but only gotten worse. I AM SO FUCKING SICK OF THIS SHIT!

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