No Imagination

No Imagination, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

They so falsely claim
Beauty, compassion, empathy
Bounty, plenty, endless stream
Of fruitful life, then comes their knife

To cut down scrutiny, to them
It is mutiny, to create uncertainty
To question their deity, jealous entity
Vengeance to follow, their love is hollow

They so falsely claim, their book is true
How could we do, such harm to this
All powerful being, we are so mean
Our minds are obscene

To challenge delusional dreams
They shout and scream, of thus they deem
Evil deserving of death, take our last breath
The earth they will clean, inherit the land
Almighty’s command, they the chosen

They so falsely claim, their stories are true
Like the six day earth, and a magical birth
Before the flood myth, Gilgamesh was it
Egyptian first born, God killed to see fit

She bears maul kids, Philistine’s foreskins
Are David’s dowery to him, Saul asked for a win
The penalty for rape, she must marry him
God still fries the planet in the end

I look at the scope, of the endless cosmos
I think of how small, we really are
On this rock, so remote and far
In a galaxy of billions our sun just one star

They so falsely think, our species the center
Reason in their minds, it dare not enter
Their comforting lie, their only banter
No imagination, science they cant hear

Pessimistic somewhat am I, skeptical of humans
Who don’t want to try, to find real answers
They dwell in the past, they seek conformity
They are God’s puppets, no mind autonomy

I would like to hope, we can escape
This old way of thinking, and win the day
Answers found, based on fact
Ditch angry Gods, leave them in the past.


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