Foot Lady And Pillow Guy

Foot Lady And Pillow Guy, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

My two furry squatters
I don’t even dare bother
To ask them why

They park themselves
Where they do, because
They are so damned cute

Kelly loves my feet
She thinks they are neat
Lays across them so sweet

Then above my head
Anneplath makes his homestead
My pile of pillows his bed

After they scurry around
Naptime is where they are found
I won’t argue as to what grounds

Their logic for their spots
They have their reasons
In their furry noggins

I really have no questions
As to why the spots they picked them
I smile and simply give in.

Anneplath, he likes sleeping on the top of the pile of my pillows above my head, and Kelly, she likes laying across my feet like she owns them. I don’t understand why they pick their nap spots, but it is all fine with me.

2 responses to “Foot Lady And Pillow Guy”

  1. Lovely poem, Brian. They sound so sweet. Isn’t it wonderful having furry friends live with you? I sleep on my side and Peanut will insist on sleeping on my ribs or knees – funny cat! Not terribly comfortable for me, but I’m a big softy and don’t have the heart to push her off. She thinks she’s the boss in my house, and she could be right 😹.


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