Batteries Not Included, part 2 of “Call It Something Else”

Batteries Not Included, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

You are just a shell
You need his magic
Batteries, believe in him
Or burn in Hell

Forget free will
He wrote your script
Before you were born
Batteries not included

You are just a toy
Novelty Roomba
Blindly programed
At birth

Because you are only worth
Blind obedience, blind faith
Your soul inserted in you
Your body is it’s cage

Absurdity on every page
Written by ignorant men
Didn’t know way back then
At night where the sun went

My skepticism wont relent
I refuse to live under threat
Of a monster in the sky
Vengeful and extremely bent

Nothing was inserted in me
Except for DNA, evolution
The real way, my ancestors
Were not dust or clay

“Soul” is a meaningless word
Actions are observable
Empathy compassion, while alive
Are the only things admirable.

I find the entire idea, that I am some factory product from a sky monster absurd. That cheapens reality to me. It puts me in as a mere toy, a prop, something to be used and suffer for the glorification of a vengeful narcissist.

This isn’t saying I am angry at God, I am not angry at Darth Vader either. If our consciousness or “soul” as superstitious people like to claim, then why do we never see beheaded humans come back to life?

I say skip this nonsense and accept that this is the only life you get, and enjoy it, and be kind to others while you are alive. There is no need to live under fear of old mythology, or Orwellian authoritarian sky dictators. Not believing in a soul or a god does not make one evil. It does not mean we will barbecue your kittens. It simply means we atheists see our good attributes as a species in our evolution.


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