Estranged By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Most are
To our finality
Our mortality

We cannot see
Our novel’s
Last page
On this short stage

We cannot see
Our concert’s
Last note
Our species remote

We cannot see
We are the movies
And the credits
Always roll

At the end
We don’t want
To see the end
Yet there is always an end

The passenger jet
Takes off the same
And lands the same
For first class and coach

We should not be
Estranged to this reality
We should only live
The one life we know we have

An infinity of groveling
To one being, is as frightening
To me, as a petty God
Torturing me forever

I want neither
There was a serenity
I was not aware of
Prior to my birth

My lack of existence
I can safely say of then
Was painless, a void
I wasn’t living in

I highly suspect
I will not recollect
After my death

And I am fine with that.

This poem is not saying life is worthless, or to kill oneself. Just the opposite. This is the only life you get, you had no pre life, there is no afterlife, so take advantage of the one life you know you have.


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