Repetition, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Sunday, the sun god died
No mater it’s faithful
How hard
They tried and tried

Tuesday, Mars the God of war
Nordic god ‘Tyr’ or “Tir”
The truth of his existence
Is relegated now to lore

Wednesday, is Woden’s day
Norse god of runes
And poetry
Magic, luck in war

Thor the god of thunder
Ruler of the skies
Agriculture brings the crops
Nobody longer buys

Is that of Frigg
Venus may be Freya
Frigg is Odin’s wife

If you think of rings
One of 8 in the sky
Saturn is the name
Latin ‘Dies Saturni ‘

Misplaced is human pride
If you think your God
Will last
Stand the test of time

Think of all the dead gods
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Sometime in the future
Yours will also die.

Pointing out how tribal and local and narcissistic today’s word religions are. If humans manage not to kill ourselves off, say in about 10,000 or 20,000 years, todays popular religions will morph into something unrecognizable in the future, or die and become the mythologies future generations look at us now.

4 responses to “Repetition”

  1. Excellent take on the days of the week, Brian. You made some very interesting points. Personally, I think human beings will become extinct eventually, at least, on Planet Earth, because of the destruction we’re causing and the effects of manmade climate change. I somehow doubt that we’ll still be in existence in even 10,000 years. I don’t think anyone/anything will come and save us, either. Whether humans (or another race) will ever settle on another planet (if our sun ever even survives some sort of unforeseen catastrophe) is debatable. Without human beings, there will be no one to believe in any sort of god anyway, if there was one.


      • I feel the same, although I have four young grandchildren to think about, too. I worry very much for their future. If we have a future by the time they grow up, it will be full of extreme weather like the 41C we had where I live in the UK last summer. We also had a spell where the ice was absolutely solid on the ground a couple of weeks ago – even my road was solid ice (not just snow) and lethal to go out in. I had to go out in Alfie, my electric wheelchair, which was extremely scary. I had to crawl to town for an essential appointment. It took me fifty minutes instead of the usual twelve! I hate to think about what changes my grandchildren will experience.


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